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About Us

Perspectiva Pioneira is a company which has dedicated itself to the production of high-quality medical cannabis.
The company started with the purpose of entering new emerging markets of medical cannabis, which has high expansion potential.
Our objective is to produce innovative products that improve the lives of all those who use and need them.
We focus on quality and innovation through the latest and most efficient cultivation practices and continual Research & Development.
Excellence in every process is in our corporate DNA, and this is what differentiates us from the pack in the highly competitive cannabis market.

Our Process




We design GACP-compliant greenhouses with the latest hydroponic technology to ensure our flowers are of premium grade quality.




Delivering the best product in the market is our goal. To accomplish this, we apply state-of-art technology and the best-known practices in a GMP-complian site during the drying and packaging stages.

R & D


R & D

We are at the forefront of the cannabis industry. That's why our team is continuously researching innovative ways to improve and push industry boundaries.


To produce, distribute and sell the finest quality medical cannabis products to improve the quality of life of its consumers, with a continued commitment to promoting practices that respect the Environment and actively supports initiatives to improve the quality of life locally.


To be the European and Global, reference for medical cannabis throughout the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.


Our culture is who we are and what pushes us further and to be better every day. These values allow us to lead the sector and grow as a Company, as Professionals and as Human Beings. Our company Values are:

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